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What is an AirDrop?

25.09.2021 Crypto Basics

What are NFTs?

With the help of NFTs, developers have deciphered the security issue of the ownership of digital objects.

24.09.2021 Crypto Basics

How to buy Ethereum?

Follow these simple steps to incorporate Ethereum (ETH) into your crypto investment portfolio.

17.09.2021 Crypto Basics

How to pay with bitcoin and where to spend it

mainstream year after year. The list of international companies, which accept bitcoin as a form of payment, is slowly growing.

16.09.2021 Academy

The miners of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: mining explained

To understand mining and the role of miners, one should understand the underlying technologies powering the Bitcoin network.

14.09.2021 Crypto Basics

Difference between cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens

This article explains the difference between cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies, altcoins, coins, and tokens and their underlying classifications.

12.09.2021 Crypto Basics

How to buy crypto in 2021

On April 14th, 2021, the price of bitcoin reached $64,863, an all-time high. Soon after, search engines flooded with cryptocurrency-related queries, such as "how to buy crypto"

09.09.2021 Academy

Crypto circulating supply vs. total supply vs. max supply

Circulating supply is the number of coins or tokens available in the market owned and traded by the general public, excluding any coins or tokens held in reserves.

08.09.2021 Academy

Trade orders explained: market, limit, stop, and hybrid

30.08.2021 Crypto Basics

Bull and bear markets explained

27.08.2021 Crypto Basics

Understanding stablecoins: what are they?

25.08.2021 Crypto Basics

DEX and CEX: Centralized vs. Decentralized crypto exchanges

20.08.2021 Crypto Basics

What is a cryptocurrency? Basic definition

blockchain technology through which value can be transferred securely, globally, and anonymously in digital form without a central authority.

16.08.2021 Crypto Basics

Smart contracts explained: Ethereum, Cardano, and EOS

Smart contracts are binding and immutable digital agreements executed automatically when predefined terms are met. They are one of the most impressive tools and powerful features of the Ethereum project. 

15.08.2021 Crypto Basics

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is more than just an electronic cash or payment system. It is a platform and hub for decentralized applications (dapps). It allows developers to create any decentralized application using smart contacts.

12.08.2021 Crypto Basics

Bitcoin’s biggest advantages, why do people use it?

Bitcoin literally started as an abstract idea on a paper published in 2008. A year later, the concept of bitcoin was put to the test.

31.07.2021 Crypto Basics

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is decentralized meaning two individuals in any country could really send and receive Bitcoin without any financial institution like bank or government acting like middlemen.

06.07.2021 Crypto Basics

Types of crypto wallets

Software wallets are based on computer software, they are more accessible than the hardware ones, and they make the majority of all the existing crypto wallets due to their convenience.

05.07.2021 Crypto Basics

What is market cap and how to calculate it

Market cap is widely used as a dominance marker and speaks of the cryptocurrencies popularity level.

30.06.2021 Crypto Basics

What is Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are inseparably linked, but don’t confuse the two.

15.06.2021 Crypto Basics

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