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How to Get TrillioHeirs NFT

Zamio gets a lot of questions about how to become an owner of our TrillioHeirs NFTs. In fact, there are several ways to become the proud owner of o...

21 Jan 2022 Blog

Zamio's $50,000 NFT Airdrop on CMC

Zamio is pleased to announce the airdrop via CoinMarketCap (CMC). We will give away

17 Jan 2022 Blog

We're Giving $8,000 at Zamio Reddit & Discord & Twitter Bounty Campaign

Zamio is glad to announce that we will be launching our Reddit & Discord & Twitter Bounty Campaign. We will be distributing 40,200 $ZAM tokens ($8,...

17 Jan 2022 Blog

Presenting Zamio TrillioHeirs NFT Collection (Sale Details and Schedule)

Today, NFTs are grabbing all the headlines. More and more people want to get their own coveted unique token. However, despite the growing popularit...

17 Jan 2022 Blog

Meet NFT Artist Gipsy

Dear community! Recently, we have successfully presented our unique collection Zamio TrillioHeirs NFT. We have told the story of our characters in ...

15 Jan 2022 Blog

Zamio and DeSpace Partnership Announcement

Zamio is delighted to announce one more strategic partnership with

14 Jan 2022 Blog and Archethic Partnership to Build a Multi-Chain DeFi Ecosystem is pleased to introduce our new strategic partner — Archethic, a Layer 1 blockchain aiming to create a new Decentralized Internet.

06 Jan 2022 Blog

ZAMpad: Fully decentralized fundraising! We launch IDO, IGO, INO on ZAMpad

Zamio is pleased to present one of our most ambitious products in ZAM.DAO called ZAMpad. We strive to unite, support, inspire, mentor, create, mana...

05 Jan 2022 Blog

Zamio Results of the Year

The year 2021 was full of joyful and wonderful events. For Zamio, it was a year of intense work on the project. We’ve done tons of listings, made i...

31 Dec 2021 Blog

Zamio NFT: TrillioHeirs Collection

For a long time, we promised you cool news about the development of our project. So, today we want to introduce you to the story about our NFT char...

29 Dec 2021 Blog

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