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How to Join the Whitelist on ZAMpad

Now ZAMpad offers an opportunity to join the Whitelist of promising crypto projects. This way, you can participate in our sale at the early stage. ...

08 Aug 2022 Blog

ZamWallet New Release: Investment Portfolios and 500+ Tokens in 60+ Chains

Dear community!

01 Aug 2022 Blog

Why Did the Price of the $ZAM Token Fall?

Often we see a question in our chat about what happened to $ZAM and why the price of the token has been falling for several months now.

25 Jul 2022 Blog

Official message to the Zamio community

Hi all! Lately we have seen a lot of negativity from our community and accusations that we are a scam. We would like to share answers to the most f...

07 Jul 2022 Blog

TrillioHeirs NFT Collection Relaunch

Dear Zamio community! We have prepared great news for you about our TrillioHeirs NFT collection.

06 Jul 2022 Blog

What Have We Been Working on for Months?

Dear friends!

04 Jul 2022 Blog

Zamio Incubator program: Support and Development of Startups

Many crypto startups find it challenging to market and finance their newly found ideas and waste valuable time and energy in the process while they...

06 May 2022 Blog

$ZAM will be Listed on Bybit

We are pleased to announce that $ZAM token will be listed on Bybit, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges!

13 Apr 2022 Blog

Oracula’s Token Sale on ZAMpad

We are thrilled to start the token sale of $ORACULA, a native token of the Blockchain prediction markets platform called 

12 Apr 2022 Blog

We’ve Launched ZAMpad!

Dear community, we are pleased to announce the launch of our ZAMpad, a crowdfunding platform that helps early-stage crypto projects raise funds fro...

08 Apr 2022 Blog

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