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Analysis of the FTX situation

Everyone knows what happened with the FTX collapse. It’s a manipulative situation, just like the Luna crash. And the same people are behind this — ...

17 Nov 2022 Blog

Zamio x Galaxy Arena Partnership

Zamio is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Galaxy Arena, the one and only Earn game aggregator HUB that allows users to play, move...

03 Nov 2022 Blog

Metahunter to be listed on ZAMpad

New projects appear in the crypto space every day, but only a few of them really have potential. Most of the products entering the market are quite...

31 Oct 2022 Blog

Meet Zamio Ecosystem

Zamio is not just another decentralized ecosystem, but a unique offering for the DeFi world, which brings together everything you need to easily us...

18 Oct 2022 Blog

Explanations on Investment Portfolios and IIO

Guys, a couple of explanations on investment portfolios and IIO🤌

13 Oct 2022 Blog

Zamio and MOOW Partner up


07 Oct 2022 Blog

Infrastructure Projects will be Listed on ZAMpad

As of summer, we finally launched a major upgrade to our ZamWallet crypto wallet. Because of many new features, the most important was that there w...

06 Oct 2022 Blog

GAGARIN Token Sale on ZAMpad

Zamio has always been trying to support promising crypto projects at the early stage, launching them on ZAMpad. Now we are ready to present our com...

30 Sep 2022 Blog

ZamWallet Guide

Download the ZamWallet app for iOS or Android. Enter the phone number and the code that will be sent to the phone. Then think up and enter a pin code.

28 Sep 2022 Blog

Initial Index Offering — a New Standart of Raising Funds

Despite the growth of the concept of IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in the last few years, this model has shown a number of disadvantages in a dynamica...

27 Sep 2022 Blog

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