25.07.2021 News

Suspended production in the city of Massena

The Mayor’s Office of the city of Massena has decided to temporarily suspend Bitcoin mining.

The city authorities announced that the maratorium on new BTC transactions will last 90 days. This is due to aesthetic concerns.

Massena Mayor Steve O’Shaughnessy said that virtually all major roads are clogged with mining trailers.

“We don’t want him to be inundated with these bitcoin-pumping trailers. We just want to make sure they come here, it’s a beautiful, presentable building. “

During the period of the maratorium, the authorities will try to move trailers to the side of the road, and freight containers were able to move off-road.

The city’s energy company “Massena Electric” intends to sign an agreement with three crypto firms.

Mining bitcoin in the city will help rebuild some industrial plants and increase jobs for the people. Masséna has inexpensive electricity and they are attracting Crete companies, and in return they promise to improve the city and provide jobs. It is very important that companies try to make their contribution to the field of environmental protection.

This is very good news.

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