24.06.2021 News

The US House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill

On June 22, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill.

??The Consumer Security Technology Law should protect users and conduct research on cryptocurrency and blockchain. 325 people voted for the project and only 103 against.

??‍?An interesting fact is that during the Trump administration, the bill was also passed, but then was rejected by the Senate.
One of the important points of the bill: the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should “study and report on the use of blockchain technology and digital tokens.” But that’s not all, the sound draft includes two other laws:
• Blockchain Innovation Law;
• Parts of the Digital Taxonomy Law.

“When we look at market volatility, the use of cryptocurrency for ransomware, and recent attacks like the Colonial Pipeline and tax evasion, it’s very important that we get involved,” said CEO Darren Soto, who co-sponsored the bill.

?We hope this bill will help keep consumers safe and attract additional audiences. What do you think about this, would you support such a bill in your country?

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