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Double Spending

Double spending occurs when a digital currency is replicated and spent twice.

23.07.2021 D


Diversification is a risk hedging technique employed by investing in various independent projects and assets within a portfolio.

23.07.2021 D


Divergence is when an asset’s price is increasing or decreasing in a way contrary to the change in direction of some technical indicator or relevant data.

23.07.2021 D

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DLT is a means of storing transaction data in several nodes simultaneously rather than in a single place.

23.07.2021 D


Difficulty is how complex it is to solve a cryptographic problem.

23.07.2021 D


Delisting is the withdrawal of an asset from the exchange listing.

23.07.2021 D

Deep Web

Deep web refers to parts of the internet not available through a standard search engine like Google or Bing.

23.07.2021 D


Decryption is the decoding of cryptographic data into a mode that can be read by individuals or machines.

23.07.2021 D


DEX is short for decentralized exchange and refers to exchanges performed without an intermediary.

23.07.2021 D


A decentralized autonomous organization is a democratized community-based organization governed by smart contracts.

23.07.2021 D


DAC stands for decentralized autonomous corporation and is sometimes used synonomously with DAO.

23.07.2021 D


Decentralized applications are applications that run on a network of peer-to-peer computers.

23.07.2021 D


“DeFi” is an umbrella term for all financial projects and protocols in various blockchains, that are compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

07.07.2021 D

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