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KFC and TriumphX jointly develop NFT content

KFC in South Korea has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TriumphX.

The fast food giant wants to work with the entertainment marketplace to begin blockchain research to integrate NFT technologies, as well as improve its branding with a focus on fried chicken outlets.

Korean KFC is planning to release NFT for its customers, they will contain various digital formats: graphics, videos, cards, paintings, etc. Plus will include collectibles from the metaverse.

The TriumphX platform will build and sell NFTs.

Why did KFC choose fried chicken? The reason for this is that this product is popular in South Korea and can be purchased in more than 210 retail outlets in the country.

Fun fact: South Korea had more fried chicken restaurants in 2019 than McDonald’s and Subway globally.

TriumphX has already established partnerships with renowned local artists, sculptors, etc. The most famous of these are photographer Kim Jong Man and cartoonist Rose Fantasy, as well as the centralized entertainment project XPOP.

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