05.07.2021 News

News from Wyoming

Last week we wrote about #Texas, which has a positive attitude towards the cryptocurrency market. On July 1, Wyoming recognized the American CryptoFed DAO as a legal entity.

“Wyoming is the leading digital asset jurisdiction in the US and now with this #DAO law, #Wyoming is arguably the leading blockchain jurisdiction in the world. This means that creating a true digital currency with mass acceptance is now possible, ”said CEO Marian Orr.

Moreover, Wyoming’s state Senator Cynthia Lammis invited miners to move in. In her tweet, the woman said that Wyoming is interested in the development of #cryptocurrency, as well as attracting miners. The senator also often notes in his interviews that #Bitcoin is an innovation of the future that will help develop many areas of human life. In addition, the Republican senator spoke out about the adoption of Bitcoin as an official payment method in El Salvador. The politician believes that this is an excellent solution that will make it easier for users from abroad to send money to the country.

Cynthia Lammis invests in bitcoin herself and also believes the coin will help contain the devaluation of the US dollar and other fiat currencies.

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