21.07.2021 News

European Commission wants to ban anonymous crypto wallets

The European Commission has made a proposal to prohibit anonymous crypto wallets, as well as companies that process transactions, to oblige to track the personal data of users of these transactions. In addition to the last name and first name, you will need to collect the address of residence, date of birth, account number.

Officials said such rules would help combat terrorist financing and money laundering.

“The amendments will ensure full traceability of transfers of cryptoassets such as bitcoin, as well as prevent and detect their possible use for money laundering or terrorist financing,” – written in the official document.

The European Commission has also made a proposal to ban cash payments over €10,000 in the EU. The authorities of different countries can set the limit for such transactions below this mark at their discretion.

Will such news affect the price of bitcoin and altcoins – we will find out later.

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