29.06.2021 News

Elon Musk is back in the spotlight

? On July 21, the virtual event “The ₿ Word” will take place, organized by the Crypto Council for Innovation. They invite the most significant persons in the crypto industry to participate.

?? Jack Dorsey, one of the key speakers of the event, advertised it on his Twitter, which attracted the CEO of Tesla.
“As more companies and organizations come together, we all want to help protect and spread what makes bitcoin open source so great. This day focuses on education and action. “
Musk wrote back: “Bicurious?”

The men started tweeting back and forth. As a result of which the founder of the twitter invited Elon to speak and express his opinion on cryptocurrencies and recent events.
“The ₿ Word” – will become one of the most significant online events dedicated to bitcoin, the benefits of using bitcoin and why you need to use BTC as well as a number of other important questions.

❗️ There will be five directions:
• “Demystifying Bitcoin”
• “Support for the developer ecosystem”
• “Securing the Bitcoin Network”
• Bitcoin Regulation
• “Preserving the Ethics of Bitcoin”

??‍♂️ Key figures such as Blockstream Co-Founder and CEO Adam Back, ARK Invest Founder and CEO Katie Wood, former Acting and Deputy Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell, Brink Director John Newbury, etc. will speak at the event.

? But the discussion between Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk will be the main triumph of the event, since the creator of Twitter supports Bitcoin and announced back in 2018 that btc would become the single currency in the world. In addition, the man has funded the development of bitcoin, and his company Square is spearheading a bitcoin initiative to support open source bitcoin development. Elon Musk, on the other hand, is concerned about bitcoin mining because of the environment and agrees to accept payments in BTC only if it uses less energy.

? Well, well, this is going to be a hot conference. Let’s wait for the details!

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