14.08.2021 News

Binance must find hackers who stole $2.6 million from Fetch.ai

On June 6, hackers hacked into the account of the artificial intelligence laboratory Fetch.ai, registered on the Binance platform. The company lost $ 2.6 million.

The company has filed a request to the High Court of London for a cryptocurrency exchange in order to initiate an investigation to find hackers, as well as to track the seized assets. In addition, Binance must freeze its accounts.

According to Cointelegraph, the largest cryptocurrency exchange has already started fulfilling the request, and some of the funds have been frozen.

Interestingly, Binance has the right not to return funds to the Fetch.ai artificial intelligence lab without evidence of a hacker attack.

“We can confirm that we are helping Fetch.ai with asset recovery. Binance regularly blocks accounts that are identified as having suspicious activity in accordance with our security policies and our commitment to protect users when using our platform, ”a Binance spokesperson commented to Cointelegraph.

The crypto exchange has recently been criticized and some countries are introducing a blockade on Binance.

The platform tries to comply with and adapt to all the rules, and is also actively looking for specialists from different countries.

More and more courts are looking to fight crypto scams.

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