What is Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the person (or group of people) who wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper — the document that set out the blueprint for the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. It painstakingly detailed hi-tech cryptographic concepts that showed how digital money could circumvent the need for central banks in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis.


 Some suspected of being undercover Satoshi Nakamoto. Some have spent a lot of time trying to conceal their names — noting that they had no participation in the establishment of the cryptocurrency. When a linguistic assessment of the whitepaper was done, other pseudonyms were connected and distinguishable phrases coincided with other publicated articles. Sadly, these ongoing investigations also were unfinished.


Increasingly, Nakamoto took a leap back from the Bitcoin community not long after the release of the cryptocurrency. A final message by Satoshi was written in December 2010 and to be found on the BitcoinTalk Forum.


Even though they may not be present, the influence of Satoshi Nakamoto remains strong through Bitcoin's whitepaper. A small portion of bitcoin — a 100 millionth of a coin — was also called "Satoshi" in their honour.


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Satoshi Nakamoto

The original creator(s) of Bitcoin.

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