What is Address

A crypto address is a sequence of characters, which embodies a cryptocurrency wallet. Almost like an e-mail address, web page, or real-life address, each crypto address is unique and distinctive and indicates where the wallet is located on the blockchain.

For the human eye, it's tough to read most blockchain addresses since they are made of long irregular strings of letters and numbers. That being said, their uniqueness helps computer networks have no problems.

You can use a blockchain explorer to view the transactions in and outside an address. Also, all the blockchain addresses are public. The number of assets you have can also be seen. The only exception is the blockchains based on privacy (eg. Monero and Grin).

Although the addresses are public, that many addresses are anonymous (or pseudonymous) because the person who owns the address usually does not have his true name attached. Even so, there may be cases in which the addresses are known, especially when the person or entity behind the exchange is a founder or project owner.


A location where crypto is sent to and from in the manner of a sequence of random numbers and letters.

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