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Speculative trading refers to the purchase and sale of a highly volatile asset driven by the potential colossal returns despite the high risks.

25.08.2021 S


Slippage occurs when there is a discrepancy between the order price a trader requests and the de facto price he settles for when the transaction is executed.

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A support level is a price barrier, for which it is difficult to force a price trend below.

27.07.2021 S

Supply chain

Supply chain refers to the several stages a product undergoes before it is delivered to the end customer.

27.07.2021 S

Store of value

Store of value assets are assets whose value is conserved over time.

27.07.2021 S

Staking pool

A staking pool is a wallet jointly owned by different investors who group their resources to increase the likelihood of being rewarded.

27.07.2021 S

Source code

A source code is a set of statements written in a programming language.

27.07.2021 S


A snapshot captures the records on a blockchain at a point in time, including all the confirmed blocks up to that point.

27.07.2021 S

Smart Contract

A smart contract is a computer algorithm that is executed automatically when the specified coded terms are met.

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27.07.2021 S

Sell Wall

A sell wall occurs when a large limit sell order is placed in an order book.

27.07.2021 S

Security Audit

Security audits are regular checkups on the safety of a company’s information technology system.

27.07.2021 S

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a US government authority that regulates the securities market.

27.07.2021 S

Satoshi Nakamoto

The original creator(s) of Bitcoin.

27.07.2021 S


Stablecoins are cryptocurrency pegged to real world value – all the pros of blockchain without the cons of volatility. 

07.07.2021 S

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