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Top 5 cryptocurrency and blockchain experts

In the early 2010s, the crypto market and community were narrow and unnoticed and led by cryptographers, developers, programmers, mathematicians, and few influential figures. A decade later, the community has been widening and growing at an accelerating rate of 113 % yearly, attracting millions of users and the most intelligent minds in the industry. 

Paul Brody

Paul is EY’s blockchain leader and an expert in mobile technologies, business strategies, and the internet of things. Paul has more than 20 years of experience of consulting and strategy experience in mobile and electronics. He worked as a Vice President and Global Industry Leader of Electronics at a multinational technology company. Brody also earned a degree in Economics and a certificate in African Studies, both from Princeton University.

Elizabeth Stark

American Twitter star is best known for her work in tech and startups. She was a co-founder of Lightning Labs and a fellow at the Coin Center. Previously, she was a consultant to the well-known project Comma.ai, which develops autopilots for cars. Another achievement of Stark was the founding of the organization StartBitcoin.org. This organization is a group of entrepreneurs focused on the future of digital currencies and decentralized technologies.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Since Antonopoulos is a strong proponent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology for over a decade now. In 2012, he first got acquainted with Bitcoin and literally fell in love with it. Since that time, Andreas Antonopoulos has become a frequent guest at conferences and exhibitions dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Also, Andreas worked at the Bitcoin Foundation, where he was a colleague of Roger Ver, and in parallel with all this activity, he wrote articles in various thematic resources. For all the time, Antonopoulos has published about 200 articles. But the writer inside him was torn to freedom. During his creative work, Andreas published four books about Bitcoin, which became world bestsellers.

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is considered one of the founders of the modern venture capital business in America. The venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, founded by him, has become the flagship of the world’s high-risk investment in emerging technology organizations.

Today, he regularly funds many blockchain projects. One of his major investments was cooperation with the Tezos platform. He believes that the world needs digital money, and bitcoin is a real candidate to play the role of the main currency of the future.

Robert Schwertner

Robert Schwertner is an expert in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He advises startups on the application and implementation of blockchain technology and the launch of new cryptocurrencies. Also, Robert is a crypto blogger and the founder of CryptoRobby blog. He frequently speaks at International Blockchain conferences and studies the social impacts of blockchain technology. 

He is also working for several blockchain platforms development. As a social media influencer focusing on LinkedIn, he supports companies in marketing, developing communication strategies, and growth hacking (data-based marketing). Schwertner is the author of www.wallstreet-online.de, the largest news platform with 1.2 million readers, including on the subject of cryptocurrencies. 

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